Upcoming Films

Making It in the Real World

A follow-up to We’re Not Stupid: Living with a Learning Difference. In the first film, we met 14 people who were all academically successful, but at one time or another were called stupid or lazy and were told they couldn’t be anything more than truck drivers or fast food servers. Now seven years later, the filmmaker documents where these people are, and how they continue to struggle with their learning disabilities to “make it in the real world.”

Reason To Live

Media Projects’ new film currently in production, will address the taboo subject of depression and suicide in young adults 15-24 years of age. Tragically, suicide is considered the third-leading cause of death in that age group. Our goal is to shed light on the disease of depression and it’s effects on individuals and their families.

Sole Sisters

What woman doesn’t lust for 1000 pairs of shoes? When a high-powered female executive was asked why she needed to buy her 400th pair of shoes, she laughed and said it isn’t about “need”. Tell us your shoe stories!

Waging Peace: Letters from the Peace Corps

A history of the Peace Corps told through the letters and diaries of the Volunteers. Allen Mondell was a Peace Corps teacher in Sierra Leone, West Africa.


2 responses to “Upcoming Films

  1. Hi Allen,

    Did you know that the local Dallas group “Hearts and Hammers” was founded by some former Peace Corps volunteers? My husband was in the Peace Corps in the late 70’s and has worked with Hearts & Hammers for 20+ years. The H&H people might be a good resource for you if you needed/wanted more information for your “Waging Peace” project.

    I have enjoyed learning about all of your films and look forward to seeing more ! Keep up the great work,


  2. Dear Linda,
    Thanks for the info. I was somewhat aware of the “Hearts and Hammers” origins. I’d like to send some information about my film to your husband who might also pass it on to his Peace Corps friends. My e-mail is allen@mediaprojects.org. I hope this is okay with you. Thanks.

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