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The Monster Among Us

This film documents the alarming rise of anti-Semitism in Europe today. It examines this wave of anti-Semitism against European Jews and their institutions, mainly from the point of view of those who have directly experienced the violence or live every day with the threat. In recent conversations with American Jews as well as non-Jews, it’s surprising by how many are un-informed about the problem. Some have heard about the violence in France, but most are totally unaware of what’s happening in the rest of Europe.

A Fair To Remember

The history of the State Fair of Texas mirrors the history of Dallas and North Texas – its politics, its entrepreneurial spirit, its racial and cultural tensions, its conflicts between big business and community interests. It chronicles the city from a little village on the Trinity River to the boomtown of today. While the Fair has contributed to the arts, culinary, and business cultures of Dallas and North Texas and could be described as a history filled with prosperity, the Fair also reflected the society’s changing values. It’s been a focal point for community memory, the psychological glue for several generations. 

Louie, Louie

One family’s very personal story of their father’s 33-year battle with Parkinson’s disease, and their long struggle to at first come to terms with him and then with one another. It’s a story of a man’s courageous and stubborn determination to retain his independence even to the very end, and a loving family’s efforts to weather crisis after crisis as they watch the one they love slowly robbed of his ability to care for himself by this debilitating disease. 

The Ladies Room

Stories of love, sex, marriage and divorce as told from behind the doors of women’s restrooms.